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In this setting, Arridaios did a small deed in giving Jacob an alcohol which is banned in the lower city - to ease the burden of his brother's death killed by the tax inspector. The tax inspector's motives are unknown to Arridaios and to Jacob, but they have to accept this as this is the world they live in. And the world they live in - a friend dying in front of you is normal and common. No one questions it.

But this is only the beginning of the story. And the relationship between Jacob and Arridaios is only a small quest. And we will never see Jacob again after this. This small story quest telling gives greater depth into the city's lore: how people interact, what they do, and how they live it.

There's only so much to tell, but the most important story of all is Arridaios's decisions and what's to come within the city. This won't be your typical JRPG or fantasy RPG, it's life and death. And most importantly, consequences to you as the player. The decisions you make, and there will be a lot of gray areas, shapes your morality and determines how you play the game.

It's not a happy game...

Worker: Arridaios. That's an interesting name. Are you from the inner city?

Arridaios: No. Just somewhere far away.

Jacob: Well, this city is big.

Sara: Honey! Please, wake up!

Jacob: Damn, she's going to get us all killed. I wouldn't be surprised if she got dragged out of her home...like how my brother ---- This is too messed up ---- To throw your dead brother into the hole. Just him...and not us...

Arridaios: ...I had someone I lost.

Arridaios: It doesn't go away.

Jacob: ...

Sara: Wake up! Wake up!

Jacob: We should stop talking. The guards will catch us. I'll see you around.

Arridaios: Yeah...

This game is a low funding game and done by yobob, the developer. I've released a demo of this game but took it down as it is an entirely different game from what I have made now. Now, I plan to do a dev log and post my game updates on a frequent basis.

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This page will be updated when Key moments of the game are finished.


Removed the Demo and currently revising the demo now.


Uploaded a somewhat polished Demo - (added a few minor events)


Uploaded A revised Beta Demo - Finished demo Story

Uploaded a Beta Demo - Unfinished story

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I need the continuation to thiis

Hahahaha...There will be one for sure! Your reaction tells me you loved it :)

This is a dark and moody game. I feel like I only really just scraped the surface of this game.

Thank you so much for your gameplay haha. This was a big inspiration towards final fantasy. I'm so curious, what happened to the music? There's should've been music in this game!

I normally just mute music for lets plays. I've had the composer for the music just upload their soundtrack to their YouTube channel and then I have to take down my video. Take a look at  One Hand Clapping, a bunch of people work on the game and the one ass-hat hack of a composer uploads their shit sound track and tries to monetize it, get basically zero revenue and kills every small time Youtuber out there. It's a shame really.