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Game Version 4 Live 3/25/2020

Created by one developer. A solo man team.

Thanks to sephnops for the Character Design


Edit* 7/20/2020

Currently I am Developing Harvest Island! And putting The Chains That Bound Me on hold. Read Here (Still)

It's been a very long time since I stopped this development but I can see that people are downloading this game which makes me happy. I still plan to finish this game but now I am developing Harvest Island which will help support The Chains That Bound Me in the future once Harvest Island is released and I can use the money I earned to support The Chains Financially. Creating games cost a lot of money x.x. If you enjoyed The Chains That Bound Me, be sure to wishlist Harvest Island on Steam! It helps a lot just to wishlist the game. It's like motivation for me!

Thank you to old and new fans!



Arridaios, a leading member of the rebellion, has discovered a terrifying secret within the city of Florie. Among the poor working classes, the miners have slowly gone missing. People have disappeared the next day and without warnings. The guards who patrol the lower district in Florie oppresses the working class for their own personal gain but they have no hand in the missing workers. Valentina, the rebellion leader, pays no attention to this revelation and continues to pursue her goals: to dethrone King Leuric. Even Mark, a top official that commands the guards, doesn’t see the darkness that lurks within the shadows; he is too busy stopping Valentina. When Arridaios’s friend, Anthony, goes missing, he takes the initiative to find him and discovers what he had dreaded for years since coming to Florie. Something he never wants to see again. Far worse than a miner being shot in cold blood by a greedy guard.

Support the Developer

It would help me a lot if you were to support Y.B. I am a one man developer and that means I have to do everything in this company in order to make a fun game. Being an indie developer has a huge downside and that’s recognition, financial stability and the lack of a game developing team. I continue to make games but it’s becoming a real struggle to make this into a living. I do this because I love to make games and to see players reacting to the games that I make. I would be so appreciative of you if you were to buy my other games or donate willingly. It lets me know that you want to see an indie developer succeed.


                                                         Found Here!


Fixed BGM bugs, game breaking bugs, and grammar/spelling mistakes. No new content.


Fixed bugs and spelling errors


Alpha Demo V2

Changes Here


Alpha Demo V 1

Changes Here


Published Alpha Demo


Removed the Demo and currently revising the demo now.


Uploaded a somewhat polished Demo - (added a few minor events)


Uploaded A revised Beta Demo - Finished demo Story

Uploaded a Beta Demo - Unfinished story


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Amazing world-building! and the story so far is awesome! 

I just played the Steam demo and thought this was a really interesting game! Too bad I didn't know about it earlier....(and none of my friends share my taste in indie games, sigh).

I'm looking forward to Harvest Island. Hopefully you'll get the fanbase you deserve!

thank you so much! I’m actually releasing a demo pretty soon, so look forward to that!

I really like this game, but unfortunatly, In the mines, where you are required to steal, the game lags to where I only see the arrows by the time the timer has run out.

Ahh dang it. It's a bug that I thought I fixed. I'd have to refix that bug. Try to restart the game from your last save. I think it should fix the problem or start a new game again.

what an interesting game! i loved exploring around. only issue i had was i cannot seem to save... i click everything on File1 but it just makes the boop sound and won't save no matter what i click. otherwise, its amazing! i hope to see a full version at some point!

hey, just wanna ask u is the game fully released yet?


No, it is not. It won't be fully released until I get a stronger fan base and the financial stability it needs. So far, I have a long way to go =/

ouh okay then, i'll wait. good luck! 


You should join the discord! I make other games to grow the fan base. It's a good way to gauge of my game development progression.

okay, thx for telling me :D

What do you do at the part where you go into the mine at night, after turning in your quota? I keep trying to exit but Arridaios keeps saying "He's still there" and the only person who i can think of is the miner inside of the little quota place, who keeps repeating "Only 7..." 

I don't know what to do here and am stuck.

Btw I adore the game. Really wanna get unstuck so I can keep playing.

(1 edit)

Ahh prob a bug. After you talk to valentina.  You need to turn in 10 Iron to the building inside the mines. Then when you go out, pick up the dead miner and exit the cave. It'll turn dark. Then you need to pay the 10Kel to another building. Talk to the tax collector guy and give him the 10Kel. Then you can go back to your apartment or explore more.

is the game only available on mac??? what is a mac.zip file? -u-''''

(2 edits) (+1)

No, it's for pc too. You need to download the pc version and open the .7z file for the pc. youtube how to extract the .7z file. It's very easy.

You can also download the game on steam if you want to avoid this step.

Ahh thank you! I'll do that! >.<

What a cool demo! I love this kind of story driven stuff and the art style makes me weak! I just donated to the kickstarter so I hope to see more of this soon! 

Thank you soooo much! The donation helps a lot! In terms of my motivation lol

I've just finished the demo and it is so amazing! I was pulled into Arridaio's story and I loved how you can try to help the people or not depending on your choices. Impressive! I can't wait to see more! 20 / 10

Hey, thank you for lets play! That was entertaining to watch you play.  The game is a to be continued, and you got to play my older version of the demo.It does explicitly say, to be continued in my newer version.  No new content though.

I'm really glad you enjoyed this game. There is a lot going on in terms of story and sub quest story and you picked up on everything from what I told in the game. I'm pretty much happy to hear that.

Fire reasoning for not using it throughout the game. It's because he doesn't want to attract attention. He wants to blend in.

Awesome game! Just finished the demo and we are hyped for more :-D
Really awesome work, especially that this is done by one person!

Sure we'll keep an eye on your game, keep on the good work!

Thanks! Wooo +1 fan hahaha