Hello guys! I will post all Major hick ups in the game! People who get stuck on something, I'll give them the walk through here! Just leave a comment if you get stuck and I'll constantly update this page! All the walkthroughs will be in order relative to the story played out in the game.

As you Collect your Iron, you will need to steal from these miners in order to progress the game!

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I'm stuck trying to find the rope

im stuck at the part right before you find richard, its telling me i need a red potion before i can continue but i can't find enough kel to be able to buy one of the merchant and i gave the one that that little girl found to her(not sure if that was a wrong decision or not

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You'll prob need to scavenge to find more red potion. You really need a red potion to continue. Find more money, sell stuff, or go through rooms to find that red potion. If you can't, then you'll prob have to go back one save file and save that red potion.

Thats probably gonna be what i need to do, i feel like ive scavenged everything that i can

I'm kinda stuck at the first meeting with the lurker. Any tips on what "spell" to use? Or how I'm supposed to play it out?

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Just use Veil all the time. If you succeed, you'll lose less hp compared to if you tried to attack him. This boss mode is about figuring out the behavior of this lurker. Don't worry, there's no right or wrong. The story will still continue on

I'll post a guide on the boss battle for you