Game Development Update

Heya guys!

Unfortunately kickstarter didn't go as intended. It's a bit hard to raise up the funds when you're a nobody. But that's ok. I plan to continue to make games. Probably not this one since this game is too large in scale and requires a bit of funding to finish. I've made many contacts that are willing to support my endeavors as a game developer. It's great to work with them.

During the months after the initial release of this game, I decided to design two other games. Very small games related to this game - to raise a fan base. I also decided to put this game on hold and finish it in the future when the time is right. I can't give you a date or time when the game will continue its development but if I get a lot of support in the future about this game, I'll finish it. 

Here are my upcoming games I plan to have released by next year

Em-A-Li: January 2020 ---------Updated. Game Released. Here

Princess: February-March 2020 --------Updated. Canceled/Postponed.

Changes to the discord: Sometime late 2020 --------- Updated. (3/25/2020) Still improving discord. But was able to get a letsplay girl to increase Y.B. game awareness.

1) implementing a point system/economy for rewards of Y.B. games and merchandise

2) Reworking rank system that supports the reward system

3) Implementing a gaming feature that either supports the reward system or encourages the discord to become interactive

4) Implementing a general lets play for youtubers/twitch

Y.B. Website: Late 2020 (Possibly) ---------------Updated. (3/25/2020) Check out the Website here

1) All the blogs/video games and merchandise will be located here

2) New Y.B. Logo design

Patreon ---------- Updated. (3/3/2020) There will be no continuation of Patreon due to lack of support and time to update content for Patreon. Instead, donate here! 

This needs a lot of work and will plan to implement some type of special feature only to Patreon members. 

Expanding my team ------------- Updated. (3/25/2020) Still looking for a long term artist.

1) I'm still looking for an artist for 2D x.x (Environmental, Animation, Character Design) If you're good at one of these, then contact me.

2) looking for a marketer (Possibly)

3) Looking for a programmer 

4) A SFX  designer

If you like my work and are a big fan of what I do, really, contact me about what you like to help on.

Well, I think that's everything on my mind. I really encourage you guys to follow me on twitter and discord for updates! Especially discord!

Yobob out!

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