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The World Is Big...

In Harvest Island Beginnings, you will take on the role of Will, a curious boy who wants to explore the big island. What lies beyond it? Take the first journey as you help your younger sister, Samantha, learn how to give your harvest offering to the gods.

Overall Features

  • Introduction to Harvest Island with 1-2 hour of gameplay.
  • Meet Will, Samantha, and Greyson as you work the farm.
  • Collect items found around the island.
  • Explore an undiscovered mystery.

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Harvest Island - Updated Demo.7z 210 MB

Development log


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Witaj. Czy autor tej gry jest Polakiem? Tak sądzę, jak zobaczyłem na Steamie że będzie język polski :D Powodzenia w robieniu gry! Ps. Która to wersja RPG Makera? 

The author isn't polish. It's made in RPG Maker MV

I see. Thanks for the reply.


Will the full version be available if purchased from bundle?

There is no way I can do that physically. Or with the tools that I have. I added this demo in support of the Palestinian aid. It's the only thing I can do with what I currently have =/


Ok np, was just curious :) 

is this made with RPGmaker? really liking how you customized stuff

great game definitely willing to buy it on steam

it is made from RPG maker. Thank you for your support!

Hello! I recently completed a review of your game for my Youtube series “The First 15”! I’ve placed a link to the video down below, please check it out and TAKE MY MONEY!!! <3

Thanks haha. I watched it. When you pet the animals, you're expending bless. Pet more, get more yield. The pets only work once a day. You can see it with the heart. Items respond, so there's no glich. It just responded quicker and I need to balance that. I really recommend finishing the demo. The ending will surprise you... because it's not a typical farming game. The story you're expecting, it's more than what you can imagine.

This game looks precious. I'm loving the art style


So, this game, I like it, but it has a point that I can't take off my head: the main character came across as someone mean, like, really mean. I get it, he might evolve in the course of the story, but from what I have seen in the demo he is so mean that it scratches the line of being callous. I mean, I think that the idea of sacrificing a raccoon was all good until the time it is revealed that it is a mother, but instead of changing his mind, the kill is still insisting that wants to sacrifice the creature like a bloodthirsty fanatic and that is a little f*** up. I felt more sympathy for the sister than for the main character.

I would recommend making him more likable, it is not necessary to change too much, just enough to make him not be a monster, for example, have him change his mind when he sees that the raccoon is a mother, showing that there is a line that one must not cross. Or maybe change the quest, instead of having to hunt the sacrifice have him fish (and show us that mechanic while you are at it) You know, I imagine that a god in the middle of an island would like fish more as a sacrificial offer.

Well, that are my thoughts, I was The Lost Chevalier, signing out! :)


A really lovely game. I really enjoyed it, thank you.

your welcom


will you give this for free when its fully out


No, I won't

El Juego me gusto ya espero la versión Completa


the game looks so good!


Thank you!


Hey, I've made a video about the game, hopefuly it's useful for the developing ;D. Also I wanted to share some quick feedback :)

-Visual style is quite good :)

-For it's current state of development it's quite polished in terms of bugs and glitches.

-The story and the game mechanics that I've seen while recording are quite interesting :)

-In general, playing the demo you released has been a good experience, and right now one thing that could be improved are the mechanic of getting crabs....CAUSE DUDE THEY ALWAYS RUN AWAY FROM ME hahahahhaha.

Good luck developing the game :)



Hahahaha. I'm glad you enjoyed the game!